I am here to help make your etsy shop Stand out!

I am going to help you to make your Etsy shop the best it can be. I want to help you feel empowered and encouraged that you can make your online business a success.


First of all, I know that Etsy’s SEO can be a headache. It’s so frustrating to be a maker of something so unique, and so amazing yet feel like no one sees it.

How do I know? Because I AM you! That was me at one time. But I’m here to tell you that you can get your Etsy shop seen!

My husband is a creative illustrator and woodworker.

I see him create amazing things…

But that’s the thing. He wants to spend his time CREATING…not figuring out how to make Etsy work for him. That’s where I come into play. I just love being able to help with the logistics of your shop and all things surrounding it. I get it. And I LOVE doing it. 

So let me help take out the guesswork for you. You spend your time creating, and I can help you take charge of your Etsy shop!

When I decided to help people with their Etsy shops, I vowed to teach in a way that educated and empowered other Etsy sellers. I wanted all Etsy sellers to have a good understanding of how every aspect of their shop works. I have worked hard to teach this in an easy to understand manner. 

I want to help make your Etsy shop stand out and help get it the exposure it deserves.

If you want to feel empowered and encouraged with your Etsy shop, contact me today!

What are you waiting for??